About SocialOcto

W're an award-winning digital marketing agency that's focused on providing small businesses with all of their digital marketing needs through a strategic, goal-oriented approach.

Who is SocialOcto?

If you’re looking for an agency to throw something together and call it a day, you're in the wrong place. We are not looking to make a few extra bucks, we're looking to partner with you to take your brand to a whole new level, and we'll both learn a few things along the way.

Just as an octopus has eight sticky tentacles, we believe there are eight strategic marketing tactics you can utilize to grab hold of an audience with a message that sticks.


Yes, we're the new guys on the block, but we're also the guys that will pour our heart and soul in every job we get. We may be small, but we make a big impact.

The Origin of SocialOcto

After years and years of working with agencies around the world, it became evident that many are unethical, overcharging for simple jobs, and ultimately just trying to make a quick buck. That's why SocialOcto was born - to provide small businesses with an affordable marketing agency that they can trust and work with, every step of the way.

What makes us different than the other marketing agencies around is the fact that we view our clients as partners - not jobs. We not only manage and execute these marketing activities, but also show you how we do it so you can continue to keep the ball rolling (even if it's not with us).

Oh yeah, if you haven't noticed from our site, we like to have fun with our work. Life is too short to not have a smile on your face - so we like to add a blend of sarcasm, humor, strategy and experience into everything we do. In other words, you'll enjoy this adventure with us.

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What We Do