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The top 3 content mediums for B2B marketers are social media content (95%), blog posts (89%), and email newsletters (81%).

Blog Content (with a purpose)

Many small business owners question whether or not they should have their own blog on their website. Let us make this easy for you - you should.


Including a blog within your website drastically increases your SEO value, allowing prospects to find you easier on Google. Additionally, your content will help position your company as a thought leader within your organization.


With a strong blog presence, you'll be able to drive more awareness of your company, leading to more traffic to your website and content for your social media accounts and email outreach, which ultimately leads to more customers. 

Email Campaigns & Newsletters

Strategic email campaigns and newsletters are potentially the most powerful marketing tools any small business can take advantage of. However, with great power comes great responsibility.


We'll work with you to develop in-depth nurture email campaigns to ensure we are not "spamming" your prospects, while also making sure that the emails sent to them are relevant and interesting to them.


Emails are sent to REAL people, so they shouldn't sound like robotic messages. With our help, we'll provide a humanized email campaign that will maximize your leads while minimizing the unsubscribes.

White Papers, eBooks & Infographics

One of the best ways to attract attention and gain trust from prospects is by educating them in something they're interested in - such as relevant trends or new technology within their industry. 

This type of content can be considered "middle-of-funnel" content, as you will be able to focus on educating, rather than selling. However, simply because you don't shout "buy my product" doesn't mean it won't be effective.

By providing purposeful content, you'll be positioning your brand as a trustful source for not only information, but also products and services. White papers, eBooks and infographics are potentially the strongest lead magnets you can create - so what are you waiting for? 

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